Buffering using chromecast

Tablo performs fine on my PC, however when I cast to chromecast on my tv I encounter frequent buffering. Will using a Roku resolve this given the Tablo app is part of a Roku?
Is it better to purchase a new Roku with the latest technology?

  1. What is the make and model of your router?
  2. What recording quality do you have the Tablo set to?
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If you can find a Nexus Player for $25 in Target in your area, it is a ridiculous steal for what is the best Table experiance I’ve seen between Chromecast 1st gen, 2nd gen, and Android TV.


DPCI: 008-06-5555

Should be on clearance for $24.98.

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Maybe at some point the programmers will support Chromecast properly: the whole idea is to have the device just pull the stream from the source. That’s why the current implementation is so poor.

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I bought 4 of them yesterday with this sale for early Christmas presents :slight_smile: Awesome little devices especially for the price. All of East Phoenix is out of stock but hopefully other cities have some left.

a brand new linksys max stream AV 2600 router and I set the recording quality is 720HD Roku/chromecast

Are you using a 1st gen chromecast?

Is your Tablo connected via WiFi by chance? This could cause problems with “double WiFi”.