Buffering Problems fire stick

How do I get rid of buffering problems it happens on live tv as well as recorded shows. What are the best settings?
Here is my setup. Tablo connects directly to internet modem through ethernet. tablo wireless to fire tv. Ive been dealing with this for over a year.

What is your current recording quality? If it is 10 Mbps try setting it to 8 Mbps or 5 Mbps and see if it is better. If so it may initiate a network issue or streaming device issue.

How do i check that i don’t see it in preferences

Never mind I was in the firestick settings. I went to the tablo settings and I do have it on the 5 Mbps.

I don’t have a Fire device but if you go to Settings in the web app it’s in the General section and is the Max Recording Quality setting.

Lower it to 720p 3 Mbps. The change in recording quality setting is only for live TV and recordings going forward. Old recordings are still at 5 Mbps.

What is the make and model of your ISP’s combined modem / router? This issue can likely be fixed by upgrading to a separate router with better WiFi.

The modem router is a centurylink model PK5001Z and my WIFI is a Linksys Velop WHW03

Normally, one possible solution is to pick 5 GHz WiFi. But isn’t the Linksys Velop WHW03 a mesh system? Could it be that it’s trying to auto-manage the WiFi TV connection between the 3 WiFi band and that is where the lag is?

Hi zippy
yes the velop is a mesh system. I switched to it because i was having the buffering problem with my Mac Time machine. The Velop system is a little better but not much. I have the one of the velop nodes within 6 inches of the tablo and within 24 inches of the firestick. I don’t know if is on the 5ghz band or not I’ll have to check it out

Is your Tablo connected to your network via WiFi? Can you try hard wiring the Tablo to one of the routers in the mesh network?

It isn’t how close the node is to the Fire TV. I thought some AC mesh systems connected to AC devices like to load manage the WiFi connection. They may start at 2.4 GHz and as the load increases switch the WiFi connection to low 5 GHz, and then possibly switch to high 5 GHz. During the switch burps occur. This may or may not be your problem.

It seems that somewhere in the forum in one or more of the threads is some techno babble on this. They may have turned auto manage off and assigned specific SSID names to the varies bands,etc.

But you will have to search the forum to see what happened.

Hi Zippy I do have the auto manage off and have the firestick priority number one for wifi.

Yes i already have the Tablo ethernet to the router the Tablo is wifi to the firestick.

Head over to http://my.tablotv.com/ and turn off the ‘Fast Live TV Startup’ feature at the bottom of the Settings screen. This will help specifically with live TV.

Try watching some of the shows that have recorded since you changed your recording quality to 3Mbps - are you still experiencing buffering?

Ok thanks I will try that and get back to in a few days.