Buffering problem with one TV only, others OK

We can’t watch our recorded shows on our best TV because of constant buffering. I have 3 Samsung TVs with 3 Rokus. 2 of the smaller TVs have no problem. I have tried all 3 Rokus on the TV that is having the problems with no effect. This has happened in the past and has started happening again after months of working properly. The Roku shows excellent signal strength and good connection speed. I hate having to watch the new fall season shows in the kitchen or the bedroom. This is a Samsung Smart TV that works fine watching Netflix and other Roku channels. Only Tablo and only this TV. Help!

What make and model of router? Maybe try replacing your router so you get better WiFi signal to your Roku on your best TV.

Maybe some of the Rokus were left connected to the Tablo and perhaps left in a streaming mode.

Try hitting the Home key on the other Rokus a few time to close connections to media sources and see if communication improves on your main tv. Also make certain the Roku on your main tv has all recent updates installed.

This is most likely a Roku / WiFi issue. I have 3 Ubiquiti commercial access points in my house and once in a while one of my Roku’s will jump on 2.4 Ghz on a specific access point and well, buffer city.

Thanks Wolfpack. I unpowered the other 2 Rokus and checked for updates. It didn’t change anything.

Thanks theuser86. It is an AT&T Arris NVG589. I think you are right about the WiFi signal. Checking into what my options are.

Thanks Codebest. I think you are right. I don’t have a dual band router. So I am stuck with 2.4 GHz, which might be OK since the router is upstairs and the Roku is downstairs. I’ve moved the Roku slightly, which seems to have improved the situation.

You may also want to try changing channels on the WiFi, unless your in the country the WiFi channels are crazy polluted these days and apps for your phone for example that can see other WiFi signals can’t see the random noise from stuff like Microwave ovens, Bluetooth and cordless keyboards and mice. It’s a noisy world. It’s one of the reasons 5Ghz just works better, less people using it. Try channels 1 , 6 or 11 on 2.4Ghz. You can go in-between those channels however it’s considered generally rude as WiFi won’t play nice with other access points/devices that overlap. The WiFi Analyzer app for Android is good, not sure about iOS.

Thanks Codebest. I changed the channel from 1 to 6 when I repositioned the Roku. I shouldn’t do 2 things at once, but it is working good now and I won’t touch anything until it doesn’t work good.

If you go dual band, make sure to get a Wireless AC router. Wireless AC 5 GHz does better over longer distances than Wireless N 5 GHz.

Thanks, theuser86. I didn’t know that. Currently things are working OK. If I have more problems, I’ll need to research what routers I can use with my AT&T setup.

If you’re going to use another router then you will also what to turn off the router functions of the AT&T modem/router. You can do this by putting the modem into “bridge mode”.

OK. Thanks.