Buffering on Amazon Fire TV Recordings

I’ve been watching the forums since the big release of the Fire TV and Roku 3 apps, and I know everyone out there has some issues.  However, I’m seeing the terms “buffering” and “stuttering” used.  It seems like these are separate issues?  Can someone confirm this?

I have the Fire TV app and a 2 tuner Tablo.  I have the latest firmware on the Tablo as well (2.1.28).  I am having issues with my recordings buffering about every 5-10 minutes.  The only way out of the buffering screen is to FF or RW by one click.  Live TV seems to have buffering issues as well, but I don’t watch much live TV.

I used to use the Tablo by connecting my laptop to my TV via HDMI and go through the web browser app.  I never had any buffering issues doing it that way.  Everything was wireless then, and everything is wireless now.  I do not have anything hard wired.

I know we are only a week out from the initial release, but I really hope Nuvyyo ( @tablotv / @tablosupport) releases a revision in the next 30 days to resolve these issues.