Buffering issues watching active recordings

It wouldn’t be a new football season without my Tablo failing me in some way. In a previous year, it would skip to the end of an active recording and spoil the score. It turned out that was the fault of the Tablo app for the Apple TV, and it was eventually fixed. This year I’m suddenly seeing buffering issues when trying to skip forward through an actively recorded game. The app doesn’t skip forward sometimes, often replaying the last few seconds, has trouble keep track of where it is at in the recording. I’m also seeing the recording stop occasionally, requiring me to back out the recording and restart where I just left off.

My QUAD is connected via ethernet to the Apple TV 4K. I don’t remember this being a problem last week, so could it be the latest update to tvOS? Is the current legacy app fully compatible with tvOS 17? I need a fix or an HDHomeRun, I guess, tired of this.

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Bonjour /Hi

We have the same issues here with one quad and one dual tuners with Apple TV 4K second generation.

We updated it to tv os 17 last week and since then we have a lot of problems, the same you described.

Come on tablotv, you can do it!
Please update the firmware or the app to make it compatible with tv os 17.

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