Buffering(?) Issue with Plex

Just new to Tablo and was about to hookup a Roku 3 when I discovered that it will work with Plex. 

I have a 3 year old LG TV with a smart stick. I have been running Plex for the last 3 years without an issue. 

I was able to install Plex and could even watch what I recorded on my Tablo on my PC without an issue. 

When I go to watch it on my TV it plays fine for the first 50 seconds and then it will skip back a few seconds, play for a few seconds and then skip back again. This keeps going and going and going. 

Things I have noticed
 - The Plex signal strength on my TV will drop down one bar after about 20 seconds and then go full strength again after about 15 seconds. Just before it hits 50 seconds the signal strength will dip again. 
 - When it gets into its repeat loop, if I pause playback and wait for a bit it will continue ok for a bit more until it goes back into it’s repeat loop. 

Everything is located in the same room within 15 feet of one another. 

Today I tried hooking a network cable from Tablo to my router but nothing changed. 

Any suggestions?