Buffering & Freezing with Live OTA channels

First, I have a 100% wired gigabit network. Had some problems with hard drive that I disconnected and reformated it. with a PC. Reinstalled and reformatted using the tablo web app. Live programs would freeze and lock up. I powered off the Tablo and disconnect the external Hard Drive and live tv works fine. The hard drive I have is a Seagate Expansion 2TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0. Any advice?


based off your description, I would suspect the HDD has a hardware problem.

Replace the HDD with another one, see if the problem persists.

You could also try another USB cable, or the other USB port on the Tablo.

Just chiming in. It does sound like the HDD has an issue. Did you try swapping it out?

I replaced the Hard Drive with a new Western Digital 1 TB Elements drive and everything has been working properly. The drive I replaced was purchased new when I purchased the Tablo a few months ago. I need to see if it is usable or I may try to get a warranty replacement.

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