Buffering during recording

I am having issues watching a recording while another show is recording. It will play for a few seconds, then buffer. I can pause and unpause right away and it will go for a few seconds again.

If it is recording two things at once, it starts buffering right away. Pausing and unpausing does nothing to fix it.

What should I do? I have a dual lite.

If the buffering changes based on activity then I suspect your hard drive. Does it ever buffer when just watching live TV. If so, try removing your hard drive and then watching live TV again. If the buffering goes away with no hard drive then you should consider replacing it.

Don’t you have to describe how the tablo is connected to the router (WiFi(2.4 or 5g)/wired) and what playback device is being used and how it’s connected to the router and what your recording quality is?