Buffering all of a sudden

After taking time to get everything worked out I have enjoyed buffering free tablo for months. Now all of a sudden buffering is occurring and a few times over the weekend I got the dreaded “scan the barcode” because roku couldn’t find the tablo. literally nothing has changed with my network, I mean it’s not like we go around messing with something that works right? All the nodes on my network are up, speed is great, Spectrum even came out and found a home on the loop that was jackin it up for everyone else and isolated them or fixed them.
What gives?

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Updated Edit:

  • I waited some time, performed reboots again and so far I haven’t experienced the buffering issues I was previously experiencing. Previously, the buffering was happening almost every 5 or so minutes. I’ll keep an eye on this and provide updates on my experiences, if needed.


I’ve also started experiencing buffering all of a sudden that I wasn’t experiencing before. The buffering started after the 2.2.52 update. I didn’t have the buffering issues prior to the firmware update. As far as I can tell, that is the only change I made within the last week in my home environment regarding the Tablo and the devices that interact / connect with it. If I recall, I checked for and applied the firmware update either 7/3/2024 or 7/4/2024.


  • Tablo TV 4th Generation, 4-Tuner (Firmware 2.2.52)
  • Amazon FireTV Application Version: 1.1.6
  • Amazon TV Android OS: 7.1.2
  • Android Phone: Tablo TV App Version 1.1.6 (Per information on the phone)
  • External Hard Drive connected via USB 3.x

Troubleshooting steps performed:

  1. Tried rebooting the Tablo device (4th Generation, 4-Tuner). Result: Buffering continues
  2. Restarted and tried on two different Amazon Firesticks. Result: Buffering continues
  3. Tried the shows from the TabloTV app on my Android tablet. Result: Buffering continues