Browse TV shows; determine what channel it is on?

When browsing TV shows (e.g., PrimeTime), how can I determine which channel the show/episode is airing on? I can’t find it anywhere. When searching for something new to watch, it sometimes helps to know what channel it is on.

I realize I can browse all shows by channel, but here is my use case:

  • Want to find something new to watch
  • Navigate to PrimeTime -> New
  • Find show that looks interesting
  • Want to know what channel that show airs on?

Use the computer or iPad.

Known issue:

It’s a limitation of how much information can be displayed. If the show doesn’t have an episode title (common for news and reality TV shows), the guide will show the channel info. If it does have a title, then it is displayed instead of the channel info.

However, it is easy to find the information by just expanding any of the episodes. Once you click on an episode, it will display the channel, date, and time info, as well as the description of that episode.

While true on most interfaces, expanding the episode details does not provide the channel name on the iPhone web app.