Broke on iPhone XS

Tablo app works but any station I select just takes me back to the guide. Nothing will play.

…as reliable as ever.

I agree, that’s why I don’t like iPhones.

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So you use a Windows Phone? :slight_smile:

Dumb flip phone all day long.
A feature can’t fail, if it doesn’t exist. :slight_smile:

Oh… that’s just not Smart, not Smart at all…

I have Apple devices and it works fine on all. iPad Air 2, iPhone 6 &7, Apple TV.

I’ve got an old Ipad 3, and it just hows the blue bar at the top and white for the rest of the page … btw, it all worked fine until I update my Ipad 3 to the latest OS it supports (9.3.5 I think it was??).

But there’s another thread where Nuvyyo already acknowledge the problem and that there’s a fix underway.

Are you still having issues? If so, please send us a note if you haven’t already. Quickest fix to try: disconnect from the Tablo, (assuming you’re at home with the Tablo), delete it, and then reconnect. Let us know if this allows you to play live TV.