Broadcast Conspiracy?

How is it that CBS in Cleveland comes in well almost all week, until Sunday arrives? Week after week, reception sucks during the football games and for much of the rest of the day. I don’t believe atmospheric conditions only strike on Sundays or there is business/home user interference that occurs on Sundays. Sure looks suspicious to me.

Funny, I see same type of issue on ABC on Thursday’s :wink:

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Well, if you are watching the Browns I won’t say you are missing much. :wink:

It might not be atmospheric conditions, but it could certainly be only on a Sunday. Multi-path is a tricky thing. You might be affected by a local airport that has a busy Sunday schedule, or a trucking company that stages their trucks on a Sunday in order to get an early start on Monday mornings. The broadcaster may do maintenance on their tower on Sundays and switch to a different one during the maintenance. I’ve seen similar things over the years.

I recall one project I worked on in Columbus, OH. The project used cellular cards to provide Internet connectivity. Our facility was near the Ohio State University campus, and we noticed that our system went haywire on Saturday afternoons in the fall. It turned out that the 100,000+ fans attending the OSU football games would overwhelm the local cell towers. Once the game was over and they went home everything went back to normal.


Funny the same thing happened to me last year trying to watch COSMOS on FOX … I almost would swear the local cable co was jamming the off air signal on purpose.

Well it’s obvious. Sunday is either the day that the cleaning crew is dusting the vacuum tubes that send the power to the transmission tower.

Or the Cuyahoga river is on fire again and thus interfering with transmission.

Was coming here to say exactly the same thing about NBC tonight!! Two Sundays in a row it’s happened. I tune to NBC to watch Football Night in America pre-game, watch it for 60-90 minutes then as the game is about to start, the Roku starts recycling the same commercial over and over. I switch to a couple of different channels to flush the tuner, try to go back to NBC and get “Error Weak Signal”!!! Not possible.

Yep, there is no “bandwidth” issues on OTA signals. It’s quality isn’t effected by the number of viewers. The NFL, telcos or something is the culprit.

The weather, if using 2.4 GHz WiFi then microwave, garage door openers, etc. I lost 62 due to rain but when it ended the station was back.

I’m hard wired from antenna to router to the pc I use for Tablo. Clear day here in Cleveland.

Okay, Sunday (NFL Football Day on CBS) is over…so…of course, CBS looks perfect again.


I’m sure it’s just paranoia but I sometimes wonder:

Our CBS and Fox Cleveland stations are broadcasting on VHF instead of UHF. I think that is part of the problem. I still do not understand why they didn’t move over to UHF when they had the chance with the digital switch. I’ve never had receiving trouble with the metro UHF stations, my signal problems are with the metro VHF stations.

I recommend everyone get an antenna that says VHF and UHF to avoid having to discover like I did. I got the Winegard FL500A and like it better than previous antennas.

@beastman That’s a good idea if you have both VHF and UHF in your area. Mine is 100% UHF, so the additional size and expense of a multi band antenna is wasted on me. What I would recommend is that everyone run a tvfool report on their zipcode to learn if they need both.

And have to research to see if the virtual channel is broadcast on VHF. Like my Virtual 62 channels are broadcast on VHF 13.
I’m putting something together for cord cutting in Austin, TX including notes. For example I did mention the channels I get but choose not to have active on Tablo for various reasons.

@TimInOhio I love the Browns but it’s too bad to watch. I’m in Alabama and the VHF stations are giving me fits. I was messing with my stupid antenna again tonight. I agree with other posters here…I believe it’s your location / interference. And…Go Browns!

Do you have indoor or outdoor antenna? Is it an antenna that says it is for VHF or "just HDTV antenna? Winegard FL5500A is made for both UHF and VHF.

So you have said, at least three times in this thread alone. Tell me—why would I want a larger, more expensive VHF antenna when I live in an area with no VHF broadcasters?

Man landed on the moon … To put a scrambler pointed to your house ! Boo !!!