Bright Ideas on how to use my second Tablo

Bought a 2-tuner in 2014. Has worked great since then. Last year, I was concerned that the hard drive was getting old. Also, wanted more, so I bought a 4-tuner. Have been watching shows on the old 2-tuner (as well as shows on the 4-tuner). Now that the old 2-tuner is just about empty, I plan on buying a new hard drive. How should I configure/ deploy / arrange my Tablo’s? I don’t have a second home. Should I use one for wife’s shows and one for mine and ours?

I only have one hooked up to the antenna (so signal is not degraded). Should I make the old 2-tuner with the new hard drive the live one and play down the 4-tuner?

His and hers Tablos, 4 tuners for you and 2 tuners for her. Except that is not equality in 2021, might have to spring for another new Tablo QUAD.

eBay - there’s a market for used tablo’s. Both generations, 2 and 4 tuners. With, with out drive even antennas.

Search tablo - filtered: completed, used. Or you can find some reason to keep it.
Get some cash for it and get something you already know what to enjoy!

Don’t start electronic hoarding, you won’t know it until you’re heading to an electronics recycling, and you only emptied one closet.

I am always after dear wife for saving too many little things we will never use. You are right in that I should give it away. Sell it. Whatever.

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If you want to keep the 1st part of your username, yes.


Start over, you can not change HDs without losing old programming and shows. Watch what is on it and use them differently like you suggested. You can not merge them.