Brand new Tablo and Tablo user. Issue connecting remotely

Hello all,
I was excited to get my Tablo yesterday and so far everything is working, except the remote view. I read that some ISP’s block the ports so I’ve tried two (one being an ATT hotspot) and what I get is the “retrieving Tablo’s” screen then it finds the Tablo and I hit connect. It just sits there and says “connecting” I did get it to connect one time and it showed the guide, but at the top was a blue bar that said connecting and had a countdown. I was never able to get it to work. I’m on a very fast internet connection at home (350 down/20 up) so I don’t think that is an issue. It’s hard wired right to the router.
When I chose Tablo connect, it didn’t find any port issues. Anything I can check that I might be missing? It’s obviously finding it when you start the app, but can’t connect. Oh, and I did delete the Tablo and re-scan. Didn’t fix it. Oddly it showed two Tablo’s and I only have one. After I cleared them both, only one came back.

Another thing that I thought was odd, when I was setting it up I was going to set up the wifi. It gave me a screen that told me to connect to the Tablo’s wifi. The SSID never showed up in my wifi list on my phone or my computer. Do I have to turn it on somehow? Do I even need to do that if I’m hardwired?
So far I’m excited. It works better than I expected, perfect picture and easy to use. Can’t wait to give DTV the finger!

Thanks everyone,