Box refuses to scan for channels

Just installed a two tuner box and it seems to be communicating fine with my wired ethernet network. Once linked up via my ipad the tablo walked me through a software update and rebooted. I was prompted for my location and I clicked to scan for channels. In the screen titled “Your Channels” it instantly returns the message “Error…The channel scan could not be started . Please try again” There is only one option “OK”. Click it and the error message just pops up again. I have tried restarting and then rebooting to factory settings. Nothing changes. I am in the SF Bay Area. I have an inexpensive rooftop amplified directional antenna that provides two dedicated outputs at a terminal box. I receive more than 30 channels reliably with my Samsung TV and another 15 when conditions are exceptional. I put in a request for support about an hour ago and thought I would start this thread while I wait for a response. Any suggestions would be welcome.

You said two outputs, can you try the cable that feeds your HDTV on the Tablo?

Already tried, no difference.

Do you have an external Hd attached?
Have you tried the cable that feeds your Samsung (since you know it has signal)?

Power-off for 30 seconds to ensure a cold-boot is what I always start with.

Have a HD attached WD MyBook 1TB. I have tried with and without it attached. As I already replied I did try switching the antenna cables between the Samsung and the Tablo. I have also tried cold reboot (power off, power on, blue button reset), hot reboot (press the blue button), cold and hot reset to factory settings (push the blue button and hold).

I would exchange it, sounds like a hardware error.

Unless this is a “known issue” Tablo support is going to want remote access.

Which means putting your Tablo into the DMZ (un-firewalled) part of your network.

Are you familiar with DMZ?

The channel scanning problem was partly resolved with tech support help. We were able to get Tablo to scan channels with control from my PC. My ipad is still unable to initiate a channel scan. I may choose to live with this if I can resolve my other problems with the box.

One does not channel scan very often - there is no need or benefit.

What else is wrong?