Bought one and like it! Have one question

Thanks to all the input here I bought a Tablo. This, after trying Plex DVR and HDHR DVR. Tablo is clearly the best for me.

One question- Is it possible to set recording defaults like how many shows to keep, channels, new / all? So I don’t have to set them every time I set a recording? If so, how?

Thanks for your purchase @SJMaye! Glad to hear we won the bake-off :smiley:

Yes, if you have an active subscription you’ll have access to all of our advanced recording features including keep X, channel select, and Rec New/RecAll.

The details on the newsest recording features are here:

And most apps have these settings within the Guide, Scheduled, and Recordings screens.

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To my knowledge there is no “recording defaults” setting, you have to set the advanced recordings options for each series.

Correct. It’s on a per show basis for flexibility (i.e. regular shows vs newscasts).

Yes, so I have been using the advanced settings all along. The recording defaults I was used to were from my Tivo You have defaults that you set such as the one channel or all, number of shows to save, padding etc. This makes setting a record a one button click unless you wanted to change one of those defaults.

No problem, though. I am very happy with what I have experienced so far. The channel reception is actually better than it has been with the HDHR Extend.

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Can someone tell me if what I am seeing is normal? I am supposed to have 2 weeks of guide data, but when i look at the channel grid guide and attempt to look forward in time I can only go out 24 hours ( I think that is the number).

Yes, that is normal. The two weeks of guide data are in all the other sections (Prime Time, Movies, Shows, etc).

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Understood. Thanks!