Bluetooth setup

I have a Panasonic flat screen and want to know if I can just add a basic Bluetooth devise (logicon) into the USB port on the side of the TV. Will the Tablo DVR for HDTV Antennas, 4-Tuner with Wi-Fi be recognized by the TV.
I have ordered the DVR and am researching the best way to setup.
I do have Roku, and am wondering if a simple Bluetooth plug in to the TV that would work.
Any thoughts?

The Tablo is basically a little server that records live tv and also records shows from an antenna. It connects to your home network so that it can be used on a wide variety of devices.

You do need a streaming device connected to your TV set if you want to watch the Tablo on it. You can use Roku, FireTv, AppleTv (via Airplay), Chromecast (via Android devices or PC), AndroidTV, or even a computer.

The best choices are Roku and FireTv, though some people are having problems with the Roku rebooting with fast forwarding and rewinding.

Roku is working fine with my subscriptions so far. I will start with Roku and see what happens. Thanks

In addition to what @snowcat said, I have watched Tablo on my Galaxy S5 during lunch at work. Yes, that is a small screen, but it works. Also, some smartphones (including S5) have screen mirroring, so I assume (have not tried) Tablo on the phone would mirror to the TV (or device that supports screen mirroring, such as Roku 3 and FireTV). I’ll try it this weekend and see how it goes. I prefer the FireTV Stick since the UI is more developed. IF you use Roku, be sure to install the Roku Tablo Preview channel, which is a private channel.

What kind of router you have makes a difference, and if you use wireless, the 5 GHz WiFi is better if the device is in the same room as the router.