Blue spinning circles

Hey guys, after a year of having the Tablo Dual HDMI I have started having some issues. Largely it worked pretty well and recorded 90% of the shows I wanted to watch. After the last software update I lost the ability to access several of the categories in the features menu like information, network, and screen settings. I’m also getting a blue spinning wheel screen that locks down the unit for about ten minutes. The other night it locked it down for over 30 mins. I decided to do power cycle after the 30 min wait and had to do it 4 times before the unit came back on to the Home Screen. Now the issue seems to be with the signal. I’m getting consistent kinda waves of interference that causes the pop up box that says can’t decode video. Most of the time I can hit retry an it comes back. The Tablo will record shows but with the same interference recorded and the recording will stop while playing. When I hit re try and a quick 10 sec forward it can lock up to the blue spinning wheel. I get full green dots on all the channels when I do a rescan and update the channel guide. The interference is recent, within the last few weeks, and getting worse. Im wondering if it has anything to do with the new 5G cell tower signal. We have two towers about a mile or so behind the house. My antenna is pointed in the opposite direction of those towers. Anyway, I started this cord cutting journey in November of 21 and thought I had found the solution to replacing satellite tv service but the experience is becoming troublesome and frustrating. If anyone has any ideas on how to help I’m all ears. Thanks y’all :v:

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