Blue Light Fade

I purchased my 2 tuner Tablo from Best Buy back in Oct 2023. Today I noticed that the blue light appears to be OFF. I rebooted/reset the Tablo and checked the LED setting which is ON. If you get up close, you can see the blue light is on (?) but very dim and when you step back you can’t see it.

The Tablo appears to be working but I’m concerned that something is going on.

I’ve contacted Tablo support and they are looking into it.

Anyone seen this type of behavior?

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Do you use the Roku app? This platform offers a third option in SETTINGS for the LED which is ‘dim’ (vs. other platforms which only offer ON or OFF).

If that setting isn’t enabled, then this would be quite strange.

I have a similar problem, which I posted on April 3.

I have a gen 4 4 tuner, LED always on and visible from across the room, which is my preference so I know it is on.

Gen 4 2 tuner LED was OK when new, as bright as the 4 tuner. But then the LED went completely off. Every now and then it will turn itself on very dimly for a day or so, then turn itself off again. I have had roku and IOS apps setting for LED set to on since day 1 and just checked, they are still all “on” for LED, but no LED to be seen today. Maybe a dim one tomorrow.

So @Jim4 you are not alone :grinning:


Thanks. Waiting for a response from Tablo support.

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I do NOT use the Roku app

I am sure to get an eye roll here, but I’ve been dying to ask:

Have you toggled the switch off and back on to see if that changes anything? I remember a firmware update giving me a similar issue way back (I had the light off, the fw turned it back on, but settings showed off…)

Yes. I did that with the Tablo app. No change.


Yes, in fact a few times, but no change.
The LED is not necessary for me to record etc., maybe it will fix itself. Not worth the annoyance of a warranty claim or lots more troubleshooting.

I tend to disagree. What we may be dealing with here is the beginning of unit failure. With a one year warranty it’s best to determine the actual cause rather than accepting this as a minor inconvenience.

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OK. For me, not worth it. I have a 4 tuner that I bought after figuring out the 2 tuner was not enough tuners and that’s what I am mainly using now anyway.

If the LED acts funny but the unit still works, I’ll live with it.

Plus,it’s maybe a year before I move on to another box, one that is next gen and DRM capable, of tablo brand or another. Gotta admit the Zapper is enticing, so I should start looking at the forums for it.

I think this LED thing is a QC problem. YMMV but I cannot remember the last time I owned an electronic device that had any QC issues at all. OTOH there also have not been many posts here about the LED, FWIW.

Support is going to swap @Jim4’s unit for a new one so we can check it out at HQ.

I’ve not heard this from Tablo support.

Must have beat them to it! Stay tuned, they’ll be in touch.

Could be simply over-driving the LED current, causing it to fail. Had an AV receiver with a light in the volume knob. Kept burning out. Measured current to it, and it was WAY over. Put in a resistor and it lasted much longer. Can’t do that with most modern devices as I assume the LED is surface mounted and just points at the window, with maybe a plastic “guide” to aim the light.