Blue circle continue to spin after 2 days

I would open a ticket with @TabloSupport.

2 days of circle then 2 days of unhelpful suggestions …because no one knew it was an HDMI tablo?

Wait till they get the next generation in homes, everyone will be using the same names for different things – exciting times

Although it did work on your Samsung TV for a while, I don’t think it’s a supported streaming client for the HDMI unit. An excerpt from this page.

  • A Smart TV powered by: Roku, or Amazon Fire TV, or Android TV OR
  • A Set-Top-Box/Streaming Media Device: Roku, or Amazon Fire TV, or Chomecast with Google TV, or Nvidia SHIELD

If you can’t get it to work you could always get a Roku or Fire TV streamer. Not ideal, but it is an option. I have an LG Smart TV that has the Tablo app and I think I tried it once, now I use my Roku exclusively - much better IMO, no syncing and faster. YMMV.

Just for clarification, the page linked above by @mbellaire refers to devices that can be used to stream content from the Tablo HDMI over your home network. It does not refer to the TV itself that that Tablo HDMI is connected to. Any TV with an HDMI port can be used for that.

So even if I got sent a new one it still wouldn’t work.

Did you say it was working fine before 3 days ago? How long have you had the unit until now?

I bought it last Aug

So update Ended up having to do a factory reset I lost what was recorded but I have it back and working.

I’d say, only if it’s a one-time-deal.

Good luck and I do hope things work out! The vast overwhelming majority of tablo owners have little to minor issues with their devices… and are happy. Hope you get to be one.

When I was hooked up to just the external antenna I had no buffering issues. With the Tablo back running again I am constantly having to restart the broadcast. Oh well.

You may need an amplifier near the antenna (assuming you don’t have one already).

I have an amp, and if I remove it a direct connection to the TV results in some (not all) channels coming in, Tablo will get none.

Wait explain that better the antenna is hooked to the Tablo or TV. My antenna has a amplifier and is powered.

I think there are some good posts about “reception” (paramount) and then where amplification, and filters and attenuators can come into play.

For example, at my home, I get good reception with a short run from the outdoor antenna to my distribution box, which does amplification because it’s an 8 way split to all the rooms (be that direct to TV or to a Tablo unit).

If you have a long run from the antenna, an amplifier as mentioned may be needed.

If you are doing splits, a distribution amplifier makes sense.

If you think you’re suffering from certain types of external interference, a filter may be just the ticket.

If some signals are too strong (you’re too close), you might need an attenuator.

But at the end of the day, reception is critical. Amplifying bad reception doesn’t really help anything.

If I run my antenna feed direct to my TV (with no amplifier) I can get some channels - maybe about 1/2 of them.

If I run my antenna feed direct to my Tablo (with no amplifier) I get no channels.

So with no amp my TV could get some channels, the Tablo could not get any because of the internal splitter - just enough signal loss to push it over the digital cliff.

I have a fairly long antenna run, so I do need an amplifier. My antenna is in the attic and it took me quite a while to.get it in the right spot for best reception.

Here’s a great past posting explaining the differences between a preamp and an amplifier for antennas (or cable runs or distributions)

or maybe contributing factor of an antenna mounted in your attic, being obstructed by building materials, as one example. Or not getting over other obstructions if it were on top. If it could get just that much more signal… (since the TV only gets “some”)
Everything works together, to just say the tablo is at fault for having a splitter.

You’re right, there are many factors involved. In the past I have considered moving the antenna outside to the chimney - but never did because it works just fine (when using my antenna feed with amplifier installed).

I was only pointing out my single use case with my amp removed - that the Tablo (with the internal splitter) is just enough loss to go over the cliff. I’m not trying to blame the Tablo for this, it’s just a fact (assuming of course that the TV and Tablo tuners are on par - which I think they are).

I’m going to add that there can be tuner differences as well. You can’t just “buy” the tuner a TV uses, it’s usually very proprietary. So, it could be case of a better tuner as well.

Agreed! My TV’s tuner (it’s about 6 years old) could be better than my Tablo QUAD’s tuner, but I’ve no way to compare them save noting the channels that can be tuned. But even that isn’t a comparison, since the Tablo has a splitter and the TV does not - maybe if I added a 4 way split before my TV… :sunglasses:

Tablo devices include amplification to compensate for their use of a splitter (just fyi).

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We’ve had Nothing but connection issues since we stopped the paid service and just used the Tablo as a tuner/recorder.
We’ve had blow-hards telling us that the signal is too weak, the signal is too strong, the coaxial cable is too long, the antenna is bad, etc. etc. etc. and Nothing worked.
After trying all of the suggestions, we just ditched the tablo and purchased another brand of tuner/recorder and now everything is working Perfectly.
AND: We’re using the same antenna, the same coaxial cable, etc. etc. We proved it was the Tablo that was constantly losing connection and showing that blue circle, a warning screen, or just sending us back to the menu screen<<<What a mess:(