Blu-Ray Compatibility

I have a Panasonic DMP-BD91 Blu-Ray player which wirelessly streams YouTube, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. It also has a USB port on the front which plays a variety of formats of video. I don’t really want to buy a Roku/Chromecast/etc since my blu-ray does the job already. If I buy a Tablo is anybody aware of any way I can run it through my blu-ray or another very inexpensive way to wire it to my HDTV? DNLA? LAN? Details on how to actually do it would be great. Thanks!

No DLNA support for Tablo at the moment. And no it will not work with your Blu-Ray player, sorry!

Darn, that’s what I was afraid of. So what is the very cheapest alternative to just hook the Tablo to the HDTV rather than the whole investment of the Roku 3?

Fire TV Stick if not Roku 3. Just you have to wait for the Tablo app for the Fire TV Stick to be released.

Opinions Fire Stick vs. Chromecast?
I own the latter, the former looks “interesting”.

Blu Ray has to see the device as a media server meeting the standards of DLNA (if I have the letters in the right order!)
BUT you can use one of the scripts here to pull videos from Tablo to a computer and your Blu Ray WILL see that. It found videos on my notebook which  recently pulled from Tablo using the “free” Python scripts folks here are working on just because they are nice folks.

@ShadowsPapa - Can you give me a little more detail on that? This is pretty new to me so it’s safe to assume I know almost nothing. I would like to be able to do that as right now my option would be to play on my laptop which is wired to the HDTV but loses some quality in the conversion. Thanks!

Just my humble opinion but if you bought a Roku 3 I think you would not regret switching from using your Bluray. The channel options on your Bluray will never compete with Roku.

You can connect your antenna directly to your HDTV but not the Tablo.
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