Blinking blue light for hours during prime time

Went to access my Tablo tonight and my Tablo has a constant pulse type of blinking going on.

I reset the network router, unplugged the Tablo device as well as the the hard drive and it still continues to blink. Cannot stream online content or content on my hard drive

Not really sure what is going on. Help.

Which of these is it?

Already read this. It has been 5 hours now… A reboot does not take 5 hours…

If it is pulsing because it is having trouble connecting to your wifi network, you will have to use the Tablo app to get it connected to your network. You had to do this when you first installed your Tablo. Rebooting will not fix this issue.

I am not using WiFi, I am using Ethernet. I did reboot the router.

And if one assumes it’s an wired ethernet connectivity issue, do both ethernet ports have the proper link LED lights on? And have you tried a different port on the router?

Yup! All devices are accessible but the Tablo DVR.

24 hours later still blinking… I placed a support TabloTV ticket.

make sure the dog/cat/roomba/child didn’t unplug/chew/mutilate the network cable.

the times this has happened to me, it was 1. cat unplug cable 2. roomba get tangled in cable, 3. cat chew on cable, 4. “somebody” unplugging the cable so they could plug in their new game console.

This is clearly a Tablo DVR problem.

That doesn’t directly answer the question - do the ethernet LEDs on the back of the tablo blink? and/or at the router or switch? confirming there’s an active wired connection.

I answered this. Yes & even switched ports.

24 hours has passed & TabloTV still blinks blue & does not work. Sent in a support ticket.

I will report what they find once they have a chance to reply.

Our team will be in touch ASAP - thank you for the details and for sending in a ticket.

Maybe try releasing the Tablo DHCP IP in the router, then restart the Tablo?

Router has been restarted & reset many times. It was even reset to factory settings! There is no static Tablo DHCP IP in the router. This is a Tablo problem.

You’re probably tired of fiddling, so maybe you’ll just wait for Tablo support - but here are a couple more random ideas. What happens if you reboot the Tablo with no ethernet connected? Does it act the same way? Other more obvious things then come to mind, the ethernet cable itself, possible bad ethernet port on Tablo or switch.

Tech support just got back to me. I had to use the “RouteThis” App and voila - now fixed.

It looks like it got stuck doing the latest firmware update so no matter what I did on the network (or off), it was still the Tablo box itself coupled with a hanging update just not happening! I believe they did some “magic” on their end to also reset things. Hopefully, they will explain what happened in a followup email…