Blind Fast Forward

Recorded 5 Hawaii 5 0’s Friday, the first one the screenshots did not come up when fast forwarding (like when on live TV) the others were fine. What causes this?

The most likely cause is poor signal reception. Did you notice any bad spots in the recording when you watched it?

If you notice it occurring a lot, you can contact @TabloSupport and they can check your Tablo’s log file for more information.

That was my thought at first too, but that channel is strong not a single bad spot in it or any of the ok ones I’ve watched. I hope it doesn’t happen anymore makes ffwd pretty much useless.

I get this sometimes as well (thumbnails missing), maybe 1 show out of 20 or 25. Program plays back fine, so apparently not reception related (in my case). Makes forwarding a little harder, but not too annoying.

  • Your Recording is Complete, But There Are No Available Tuners
  • You Haven’t Waited for the Process to Complete
  • There is an Error in the Recording

Thanks, good info would have tried reset to reprocess, had I known.