Blank thumbnails

I know this topic has been discussed numerous times, but there is never a solution. When my Roku updated to OS 12, I no longer see the thumbnails when I’m trying to fast forward or rewind. Sometimes they’re totally black (although I see the boxes), and sometimes they show up every 5-6 boxes. Should I just give up trying to use Tablo on a Roku and go to a Fire stick instead? It seems there are always bugs with Roku.

You don’t mention which Roku you have. It has been noted some of the older or low-end models have problems. You can get the exact model number on the Roku under Settings/System/About

My Roku is old. It’s a model 4230X - Roku 3. Maybe I just need to buy a new Roku device.

I’m going to bet that if it’s running roku os 12.0.0 4184-04 you will have the thumbnail problem.

My newer models that don’t have the problem run roku os 12.0.0 4184-46

It is prime day.

It is running 12.0.0 4184-04. Thanks for the help. Yes, I already have a new Roku in my shopping cart. Just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.