Blank spots in live tv guide

Why would there be blank spots on the live tv guide? This just started recently

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usually means the guide provider doesn’t currently have a guide for that channel for your zipcode. Maybe you added a new channel. or a station added a new channel that you also added. Sometimes if you use a different zipcode closer to the station thay may have a guide. I usually open an e-mail help ticket with all the info zipcode channel number, etc. This get shipped off to guide supplier. But it can take weeks to resolve.

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I’m nor sure it’s what you are thinking, Zippy. But I appreciate your input. These are the major network channels and it is random times, i.e., on CBS at 6:00PM it will list a show, then at 7:00PM it’s blank, then at 8:00PM it will list a show. It’s not one network either. It’s random times, random days, and random hours. Ugh!

You didn’t say what app you are using. Or if you have tried multiple apps/devices. maybe the local app cache is corrupt. You can always clear the local cache/app data. The tablo app will reload it on the next connect.

Or guide data is corrupt on the actual tablo unit and support would have to look at it.

Thank you zippy!

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