Black Friday Deals

Been watching out for Black Friday Deals on Tablo. I got an email today. I wouldn’t buy anything less then the 4 tuner as a primary but that Dual lite is tempting for those thinking about adding another box.

Grab a Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVR at Best Buy or on for just $99.99 US (save $40), or a Tablo 4-Tuner DVR for just $219.99 (regular $249.99).

Where are the Canadian BF deals on the Tablo?

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Amazon has the 4 tuner for $199.96 for awhile

Keep an eye out for good storage prices too! I believe we can go up to 8tb.

Edit: And good antenna deals! I got my eye on a few waiting to see if the go on sale.

Can we even buy a new Tablo in Canada anymore?

If you need a great omni-directional antenna for under $24 bucks this has great on reception

If you need a new Roku Ultra | HD/4K/HDR this is there best model, I just got one, this link has the upgraded JBL earbuds for under $50 bucks read and make sure you get the one with free premium JBL headphones. Right now this is the price don’t know how long it will stay and if they run out.

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This seems like a good solid drive. If I were to complain it would be about the small fan. Small fans need a higher RPM. Being in the same quiet room about 8 feet away I can hear it but I have to really listen. With the TV on I can’t hear it at all so it’s not distracting.

I had one of those half priced Roku Ultras hand delivered to me (one day delivery) from Frys. It’s the new one. Works great.

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