Black / empty preview pictures on roku while skipping forward

Hello and happy holidays. I picked up a Tablo dual tuner with an external hard disk about a month ago. I stream to roku’s in my home and it’s working really good. I would say it essentially operates like an appliance, I’m very impressed.

During viewing when I press the right arrow on the roku remote to skip sections of programming I don’t want to see groups of the preview pictures (I think they are called snapgrids) are all black. There is good signal through these groups of black preview frames. I would consider it a bug. Are any of you all experiencing this?

[Edit] I have checked, there is video during the black frames. I’m leaning to thinking the roku app may be failing to fetch pictures but have not nailed that down.

I believe this is a bug in the Roku video playback software. It seemed to get a little better with the v10.5 firmware but still there. Sometimes we get the blank preview thumbnails, sometimes not - we’ve just gotten used to it. I had hoped that Roku would fix their software, but it’s been like this for literally years.

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It’s a bug in the Tablo Roku app… I have 3 Roku Ultras, and the problem exists in all three units. I’ve since added 3 Fire TV Max 4K sticks, and they don’t have that issue.

The Fire Sticks were available for a good price on Black Friday. At $35, I couldn’t resist. They work well and give me some capabilities that the Roku doesn’t have. I’ve been using them for about a month and have been really happy with them.

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Thank you for the info. I was looking a bit more and if I leave the program and resume the images will appear. On one I could see where the images stopped with a preview frame about half loaded. I’m going to try a firestick and see if the issue is solved. One thing that drives me toward roku is the remote I’ve used them for a long time and they are cheap and durable.

And since Roku’s have 1X, 2X, 3X fast forward are the preview frames more reliable at 1X versus 3X?

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Hi zippy, I don’t use the fast forward much. I will try it and get back with you. When I see something like a half finished preview pic I would speculate either the tablo or roku is closing the connection before all the data has been transferred. Perhaps in the GET the content size is incorrect. I think we see something similar when our web browser never finishes loading a page so the loading image in the tab spins forever.

@zippy I did some more testing, I don’t see a reliability difference between the three FF speeds but 3x FF goes by pretty fast. In almost every case weather fast forwarding or pressing the skip arrow by the ok button the issue doesn’t seem to be damaged snapgrids on the tablo. I can mark the time of black / half drawn preview pics, if I back out and then resume they will show up. This is all on a roku.

I’m not sure this problem is related, but I have a problem when watching a recording with active CS bars showing. The playback keeps stopping (going black) then starting back (with no loss in program data). It does this stop/start sequence a lot and is very irritating. The CS works ok though. I use the Roku app with the Tablo and a 1TB SD SSD. Any thoughts?