Bizarre buffering/repeating when watching Live TV; Gets stuck in an endless loop of about 25 seconds

@tablosupport When watching Live TV, which I’m doing at the moment, the show will stop, throw up the “Loading please wait” screen, and then repeat the last few moments of the show.  I’m unable to FF and it is stuck in this endless loop of about 25-30 seconds of the show.  It’s done something like this before but it never got stuck on one segment of the show.  Previously it would do this pause/repeat for about 10 seconds then move on.  Why would it do this and are they working on a fix already?  Thank you.

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I just stopped, went back to the program guide, selected the same show (the news) and it went right back to the beginning of the loop spot and started looping.  With buffering it prepares a portion of the show, allows viewing, and then prepares another portion.  Why would it ever repeat?   I then went back to the program guide, selected a different channel/show and watched a minute or so.  I again returned to the guide, reselected the original show and guess what? It took me right back to that identical beginning spot of the loop. So I went all the way out to the main Roku page, selected Tablo, Live TV, and that original show and yep, it took right back to the beginning of the loop spot.  Very, very, bizarre.  Oh and frustrating. Please tell me they know what the deal is.  I did have the show set to record so hopefully it’s all there.

Turns out the show recorded just fine and there weren’t any hiccups when that part of the show came up.  Only Live TV was affected.

I don’t watch any live tv through my Tablo, but I have experienced the looping issue from time to time when watching recorded content.  Segment will go into a 3-4 second loop 2 or 3 times.  I don’t do anything to stop it and it eventually clears up.  If I go back and watch the same recording some time later many times the looping won’t recur.   Maybe the upcoming Roku Tablo app update will help.

@mullermj Was this on Roku? We reproduced a similar effect in the office this week, and we’re working on a fix as we work out the details of the issue.

@tablosupport Yes it’s on a Roku. Roku 1 to be exact.  Thanks for the update.

My Roku2 XS doesn’t like rain.  Seriously.  Every time the news broadcast cuts to the radar, live or recorded, the stream loops and buffers 3 or 4 times.  Clearly it is related to the rapidly changing image.  Maybe this will be addressed in the next release of the Roku channel?

Just experienced this watching live tv. It only happens on one channel, which is a marginal one. Looks like when it loses the signal (pixellation), it loops back to the start of the last block of solid signal.

My signals are all at the full 5 green dots and I never see pixellation (I know what it means and use it but is this a word?).  And in my scenario the show recorded just fine and played back just fine but watching it Live made Tablo choke (but not puke as it just kept repeating it…it never gave up and left the program)

When is this going to be fixed.

Really sucks when a channel gets stuck in this loop.

@mullermj This one has been a littler harder for us to reproduce, but we’re working at it.

@brian0 What kind of Roku were you using when this happened?

If this crops up again - I’m wondering if you could try and produce it on another app/device? We’re still testing here but any clues will help us to track this down.

@tablosupport I’ll give any info I can but really these things are randomly happening as a result of normal, repeated activities.  I have no idea how I would reproduce these things.  


I experienced this looping issue with recorded TV playback last night.  After extensive troubleshooting I was able to determine that it was a network issue.  My Roku 2XS and 3 as well as all my WiFi devices could play the episode fine, but my Roku TV got caught looping over and over with the same 5 seconds.  After I reset my powerline adapter the issue resolved, so it was 100% network related.

As far as live looping, I’ve seen that before, but only on my channels with questionable signal strength.

@jbanks25 Interesting. Thank you very much for the note!

I’m experiencing this issue consistently, forcing me to perform a reboot about every 2-3 days. Like others, it appears to happen during a period of signal degradation. Seems like it’s causing the Tablo to “get stuck” in a loop. 

Tablo 4-tuner, Roku 3. 

Interesting note… My tablo got stuck in a loop yesterday morning. It was stuck all day long, but it still managed to record a program on the same channel later that day without issue. I’m guessing it used another tuner to record the show, while the previous tuner was trapped in the loop? 

Do we have a fix in sight? @tablosupport I have not yet rebooted the Tablo in case you want to look at logs. 


You mean you haven’t a factory reset, not a reboot right?

I’ll just toss this in.  My TV antennas are 30’ up on a 40’ tower at my shop.  At 40’ are two 2M (VHF, 144-148MHz) Amateur Radio antennas.  The two 4-tuner Tablos are inside on a shelf, and the 2M transciever is mounted under that shelf about 18 inches away.  The Tablos are wired, connected to an unmanaged ethernet switch, and that switch is connected to a Ubiquity Nanostation M5 that is paired with a second M5 300’ away at the residence where the main DHCP WiFi router connected to the ISP resides.  I made two short transmissions @ 50W on 2M tonight at the shop and my wife reported the channel she was watching at the residence live using the Tablo would stop, buffer and repeat a few seconds and then stop, buffer and repeat again.  Enough times that she got tired of it and switched to HGTV on Sling. 

Just saying you may have RF interference from an outside source, and it could be getting in at your antenna, your cabling or by something you yourself own sitting next to your gear.

That said, both my Tablos, when initially tuning in a live station, will play for around 10 seconds, stop, buffer and start back where they initially did and from that point on, play fine (they did that before the 2.1.24 upgrade and still do).  That’s what I saw when the wife’s HGTV program was over an hour later and I went back to Tablo live on the channel she had been watching when I keyed up the 2M rig.

FWIW, we’re viewing on Roku 1 boxes. 


I haven’t done a factory reset. Reboots seem to (temporarily) get rid of the issue. This unit is less than a month old - why would I need to do a factory reset?


I meant in reference to looking at the logs. Rebooting will not erase your logs. Only factory resetting will delete them.

@milehighdtc We’ve identified this issue - it appears to be specific to the Roku player. If the reception on a particular channel plummets, the rest of the Tablo’s clients will kick you out of the player with an appropriate error message.

The Roku video player doesn’t behave this way. Instead, it loops the last few segments your Tablo has sent it instead of closing the player. We’re looking into a fix now.