Birds chirping on the background in recordings

My “chirp” is identical to the video posted. Have tried all the Tablo suggested fixes. Currently it’s a brick. The one common denominator is the Tablo. Too many people have had this problem to blame it on “setup”


Again I say to all that Tablo is very silent on this issue and I blame Tablo on this off and on annoying chirpchirp. Some are blaming on SETUP and some are blaming it on Broadcast source. The above documented comparison of Tablo chirpchirp against an old but trusted Hdd DVR using signal from the same antenna (with splitter, of course). I like tablo because of its dual tuner which can record two programs at the same time (and the program guide) whereas only one program with my old but trusted Hdd DVR. Some of my wife’s programs are on different channels on the same time slot. I may have to activate my second Hdd DVR to replace Tablo but wait, I have already subscribed and paid for a one year guide service! I wonder if I get a prorated refund. But wait with the old but trusted Hdd DVR, I can’t access the recordings from remote! Oh well, I hope the folks at Tablo will fix this anomaly on the next firmware update.

Update: the chirpchirp is heard not just on some recordings but sometimes on live tv!

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So you reboot your tablo everyday because… unresolved issue and now, this random issue is one that is completely unrelated to why your tablo doesn’t function properly so if they fix this…

Seems you have multiple issues. They are likely unrelated, and I understand you’re not the only user with the chirp thing.

Consider fixing the “whole” and not the the one you can’t over look. Rebooting doesn’t actually fix anything if you have to just keep doing it – to make it go away temporarily.

Well, I am happy with my setup. While we are still in a free country, I can say that I have the right to my opinion and I stand with my decision to install a smart plug to reboot my tablo every day. Do your thing, I’ll do my thing.

In no way was I infringing upon your opinion, suggestion for consideration, as my freely expressed view.

Fuss away - I’m out :zipper_mouth_face:

Really? My only issue with Tablo now is the chirp chirp, as with other users who have reported this issue. Why did you bring a quote from the power recycling thread here. You assume that because I recycle power daily I have this chirpchirp’ing issue?

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It seems this issue may be occuring when the Tablo transcodes the native 5.1 AC3 audio to 2.0 AAC.

Why can’t you turn on surround sound and let the Tablo record the untouched 5.1 AC3 stream? Your problem might go away.

Almost all TVs made in the last 10 years can playback AC3 audio over HDMI. All iPhones and iPads can play it back. The new Win 10 app can play it back. I believe most Android devices can too.

Wow! I have always turned off my surround sound. Thank you! I’ll turn it on and see if I won’t hear the chirping noise on live or recording.

Thank you again.

Update: This is now my Tablo Dual Lite’s settings with the Surround Sound ON:

That is the correct way to turn it on, it is a global setting and all future recordings will be made with the native AC3 audio track, so there is no conversion from AC3 to AAC (this goes for live TV too). Most of your devices should be able to playback AC3 audio.

What is your main playback device?


Any update? How often was this occurring before?

No update yet. I’m traveling and I may not have time connecting to my Tablo.

Update: I just did a quick scan of all my recorded programs from an airport lounge and so far newer recordings (with the surround sound ON) are chirchirpless. So, this may have fixed the issue. We’ll see.

At LAST I think I found a solution. For years I have been battling the terrible chirping sound on CBS Evening News in both Salt Lake City and Seattle. I have finally eliminated it (I use Roku) by changing Tablo settings via computer to use surround sound and setting Roku to Dolby Digital. The loud sound of water dripping, or what some call chirping, went away!!!

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Oh yeah! I forgot to update this thread after my setting of surround sound to ON, the chirping or water dripping sound went away, completely.

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Same problem. Did you ever find a fix for this problem? The video quality is excellent but the chirping sound makes watching the recording unbeatable. Tablo Dual using Roku for streaming back recordings.

Yes, this problem needs to be addressed.

Have you turned on surround sound on your Tablo? It is under the Tablo settings.

I changes the setting and the Tabo ((Dual) refused to record two TV shows off the air.
This is not a “good fix” if I lose the ability to record TV shows.

Sounds like your Tablo has more problems than you think. Changing the recording setting to surround sound on should not stop it from making recordings. Open a support ticket directly with Tablo Support so they can look at your logs and see what’s going on.

With surround sound on, your Tablo is actually “doing” less work, it is not transcoding the native 5.1 AC3 audio to 2.0 AAC.

If indeed your TV does not support pass-through of 5.1 Surround Sound, but you had enabled then later disabled Surround Sound on your Tablo you may see:

"This program was recorded in Surround Sound, which is not supported by your device."

Tablo recordings are created with a singular audio track - either stereo or Surround Sound.

It is not possible to change the audio track of previously created recordings, so unfortunately this recording will not be playable on unsupported TV setups

What is the make and model of your HDTV? Almost all HDTVs support AC3 passthrough over HDMI. You just need to have the correct Audio settings on your Roku (this is the system settings on the Roku, outside of the Tablo app).