Birds chirping on the background in recordings

This is a snippet of a recording in Tablo with a background sound which is like plenty of birds chirping or water dripping into a water drum in a cave. What could this be? Here’s a snippet of a Tablo recording.

Thanks in advance

I do not have assess to the video. But if you search this forum for “chirping” you get several posts, with suggested solutions.

I found the “chirping” thread from last year but there’s no solution! Tablo support said that it’s a signal issue. I’m very disappointed that there is no fix for this. The channel where the chirping recording is coming from, has good signal quality. And when I watch this channel live, there is no chirping. It’s got to be the Tablo encoding on the recording.

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Something to try to absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt prove your hypothesis.

Extract the raw mpeg4-ts from the Tablo using one of the many 3rd party tablo tools and playback on your PC and see if you have chirping.

If not, then the problem isn’t with the recording.

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Something to try to absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt prove your hypothesis.

Extract the raw mpeg4-ts from the Tablo using one of the many 3rd party tablo tools and playback on your PC and see if you have chirping.

If not, then the problem isn’t with the recording.

Oh no! My wife already deleted all the recordings because she’s all done watching them. Next time then. But I still suspect that the chirping sound is in the recording because the same recorded video plays with the chirp on 3 iPads, 2 iPhones, 1 Samsung Galaxy note, 1 Roku 2, 2 Fire TV Sticks, and one Toshiba FireTV!

I had a couple of chipings, first I thought it was a mishap in the exporting (possibly due to the source?). It lasted throughout except the commercials in one I tried to watch.

Second time, :bulb: chirping issue! Didn’t have it enough to track it down… just a specific network, show, channel, etc. I haven’t encountered it for probably a +year.

Exporting will likely recreate the issue.

My point is to prove the thing being asserted. That way, Tablo can know for sure the problem is on their end.

Okay, there’s another recording with the annoying chirpchirpchirpchirp. I fired up my PC and used Tablo Ripper to download the recording. Well, the noise is in the raw recording. So the noise is not made up by the playback device. I have several devices which playback the recording with the annoying noise. I took a snippet from the mp4 file that Tablo Ripper created (click on the link below). Some may claim that it is the signal quality of the channel - well that channel that the show was recorded from has full green on the signal level.

Can someone please point me to the fix for this? I set the recording quality to the recommended 720 - 3Mbps from 1080 - 8Mbps thinking that the Tablo processor is overwhelmed by the high quality, but it is NOT that. I am not really sure when this started. I know that when I installed this Tablo Dual Lite last November, there was no chirpchirpchirp! My tablo is connected via Ethernet cable to my Netgear Router on a 1Gig port. What does Tablo support say about this problem? It is very annoying.

BTW, how can insert a picture in my post? I can insert a link but I have not figured out how to insert a picture.

FYI:. That’s not really how it works. The “raw recoding” isn’t a single file you download.
As with virtually all 3rd party apps, it’s streamed through ffmpeg and encoded/converted/concatenated into a single file.

That green dot - it’s not a dynamic signal indicator. So it’s possible those making “claims” shouldn’t be discounted. Although I tend to agree, the chirping isn’t limited to weak signal

The fact of the freaking matter is all devices play back the recording with the noise. Why do I have to do an investigative research on this problem? I/we just want to enjoy our recordings period. Why has Tablo NOT come up with a FIX? This is really making me mad with the nagging of family members listening to the chirpchirpchirp.

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Has anyone here have any experience with Amazon’s FireTV Recast?

there’s probably more experienced users here…

What exactly needs fixed? So many tablos work with out issue. Is the chirping from the broad cast? how do they fix that? Do they fix a tuner for a specific station (frequency)? Does it happen with every recording? from every channel… so it can be fixed?

Yea, it’s renders the device useless – but it’s not I don’t believe it’s been concluded what really needs fixed, or who needs to fix it.

@firefox111 I’m sorry you’re running into this. Have you tried rebooting your Tablo?

We have seen this happen rarely in cases where one or more channels in the customer’s lineup have weak or problematic signals which the Tablo can have difficulty decoding.

And as another poster pointed out, the signal strength indicators are not dynamic and don’t account for signal quality so it’s worth running a fresh channel scan.

Other customers who’ve experienced this have had success improving their antenna setup and/or removing the suspected trigger channels.

Rebooting the Tablo seems to clear up the issue for a short time until the weak or problematic signal triggers this decoding issue again.

Thank you for your honest opinion. However I can’t accept this anomaly as the recorded program(s) that have encoded chirping noises are my wife’s. You know how wives can be when they are not happy! So I have to do my further research - I have a Magnavox DVR which is also online with the TV antenna. I will record the same program(s) in the Magnavox. We’ll see.

It may be fed from the broadcast station trying to communicate with extra terrestrial beings. We’ll see.

@TabloTV is this chirping behavior only an issue with networked Tablos? Are the Tablo HDMI units less/not susceptible?

The HDMI units don’t have the same decoder so they won’t have this issue.

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Not just HDMI tablo but I believe they’re comparing with different technology. I didn’t want to disappoint them any more, it’s like you don’t hear it on your TV (probably), but you hear it on your recordings.

Not sure what model it is, there are still some DVRs out there (current) with ATSC but not necessarily HD - like the days of converter boxes. If/when the Magnavox doesn’t reproduce it — see tablo is defective, I proved it. Then what?

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