Binge watching feature

Is it possible to add an option like Netflix where the next episode or recording in a series will play after some amount of time?

This way if you have a few episodes recorded you can just allow it to play with out too much interaction.


Like a catatonic mode? I understand for users with mobility challenges, there are accessibility functions on many devices.

Netflix has an incentive to keep you using their service… they want to know where you are during through out the day and what things interest you, so they can generate demographic data for marketing advertising.

This was my wife’s VERY FIRST request upon getting our Tablo.

She likes to run through a bunch of shows while she is dong other things.

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Tablo is the best choice for many reasons and many users! It is great.

However, Amazon’s Fire Recast works with Alexa, I suppose you can ask Alexa to start the next show… What wife doesn’t like telling “someone” what to do? :poop:

She might not like telling Alexa what to do, can you change the Amazon assistant voice to a man’s? lol

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Or use chat mode to have someone else to talk with, might not need the TV, and give him some free time. :speak_no_evil: