Binge watch autoplay consecutive

Any chance of having Tablo play the next episode?
for instance I have recorded a kids show, if I could press play and let it automatically play it would be great!

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Late last year the ability to click a Watch Next button was an added feature. Before that you would have to back out to choose the next episode. Autoplay would be nice. The lack of either of these features a few months after having the Tablo was one of the catalyst to me trying out third party software to pull recordings from Tablo moving it over to Plex. Eventually making Plex my main source for viewing all recordings.

My kids aren’t very patient and being on watch when Sesame Street was going to end to quickly start the next one was a pain… I also got good at selecting the next episode while running on the elliptical but every time while doing so, I felt like I’d be the next living example of a fail video I’ve watched on youtube… so other solutions were sought.

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I will 1-up this request! It would be a nice feature to have!