Bill for TV guide presents as ""?

You guys can’t be bothered to put your company’s name in the billing? Got a credit charge alert today from an unknown company “”. Check it out, it’s some form of online payment facility. No further information.

Had to come and trawl through my email to figure out whether the $49.99 charge is legit and who it may be.

Please guys, you could have saved me some time and hassle if your bills come from “Tablo TV”


(tomorrow’s news: Nuvyyo rebrands itself as “STRIPE”. “It was easier than getting the credit card information changed.”)



ha ha :wink:

Bardel- I just had the same experience and not impressed, almost blocked the charge and then saw the Tablo email receipt that matched the charge- Hard to believe that STRIP cannot include a reference to TABLO in the process like PayPal and others do?

We’ve made some changes to update this on our end, but it sounds like a few cases may still be getting missed. Did you see this in your ‘authorized’ charges via your credit card? Or was this after the transaction went through?

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