Big list

I also posted this on AVSForum

Wishlist (I know most of these are already in the pipeline)

It would be nice to have an update bar on the status of the format of the hard drive

Firefox support

5.1 surround sound passthrough [probably most important to me]
[Samsung] Smart TV apps

Automatic stream quality

Adjusting the recording times (i.e. +/-1min, +/-5mins, +/-30mins)

When searching for a recording, if nothing comes up, it should say
“nothing” instead of a black screen (I can’t tell if it’s still
thinking, or it didn’t find anything)
Hard drive being swappable between Tablos
Smartphone app for pause/rewind/fast forward

Ability to use a browser in someone elses home for streaming… (no pairing)

@Max that’s a great list! I concur!

Mine would be:

1) Native Samsung SmartHub app
2) Android phone app for Chromecast support
3) The ability to “pair” over the internet (via logging into a tablo account - similar to slingbox maybe)
4) The ability to “merge” content from multiple tablos
5) Adaptive stream rates (i.e. similar to Netflix & slingbox)
6) The MAC address displayed in the “About” section of settings
7) Bandwidth and/or wifi signal strength info in the settings screen
8) When going back to a recorded show previously watched “resume” and “start from the beginning” options (right now it seems to always restart from the beginning)

Please add the app to Xbox. I really need it. I can’t spend $100 x 3 TV’s for Roku to watch my Tablo when I just spent $500 x 3 for Microsoft to run my home. Or a pass thru on the Tablo would have been nice. Wish I would have known that was not a feature.

Being able to see what’s scheduled to be recorded today, tomorrow or for the next week in a list date type format.

Native Samsung SmartHub app would be great.

My wishlist:
- Apps for various consoles: PS3, PS4, XBox 360, Wii, Wii U  (Has anyone tested the built-in browsers for compatiblity?)
- Don't know if there's a way to get a plugin for XBMC or Plex.

"Adjusting the recording times (i.e. +/-1min, +/-5mins, +/-30mins)"

Hopefully this will be available before NFL Preseason! :slight_smile:

In addition to “Automatic stream quality”, I would propose that the user also be able to control the recording quality.  I’m switching over from DirecTV, and noticed that the Tablo recordings have more blocky artifacts in static dark areas than they do with DirecTV.   I’m using Airplay to an AppleTV so that may be a contributing factor.  So, a native AppleTV channel would be great!

@andylize - You can choose your recording quality in settings!

I could have used a longer recording time last night. A show I saw on PBS had a bit missing on the end.

@HarryR - This is 100% on the ‘gonna happen’ list.