Better Wi-Fi when using wireless bridge on Tablo ethernet port

New Tablo user. Picked up a 4 tuner unit on newegg black friday.

I noticed that using Wi-Fi connection (2.4 or 5Ghz networks) to my Asus RT-N66U router isn’t very reliable. The router is in a different room, but on an adjacent wall - its maybe 3 feet away from the Tablo on other side of the wall. I was having lots of problems wirelessly watching live tv on my laptop, iphone 6s+, roku 3 scattered throughout the house. Recordings took forever to load, and when they did they would start buffering after a minute or so. All devices connected wirelessly on either 2.4 or 5Ghz networks. I have recordings in “HD 1080 - 8 Mbps” mode. Running 2.2.8 firmware on Tablo. Roku has latest firmware.

However, earlier just for grins I grabbed an old AirPort Express 802.11n (1st Generation) MB321LL/A and configured it in Wireless-to-Ethernet bridge mode - ethernet cable running from the airport express to the Tablo. The Airport Express then connects via WiFi to my RT-N66U router on 2,4Ghz. For some reason I’m now watching live TV on my laptop, and iphone 6s+ simultaneously without any issues.

So another thing to try if you have issues. I’m already planning to knock a hole through the wall and put in a pair of RJ45 faceplates so I can connect the Tablo to router via ethernet directly.

I put in a ethernet over power line adapter for my Tablo. Got much better results then when using the wifi.


Welcome New user. We can always use more technically minded users here.

Instead of running wires you should consider the Powerline Modules to connect ethernet to the router.

On Both of my Tablos and one ROKU 3 I use:
TL-PA4010KIET AV500 powerline Adapters

They just work.

Reasonably priced on amazon


When I bought my Tablo, newegg also had D-Link DHP-309AV Powerline AV500 kit for sale $9.99 shipped, so I thought it’d be something interesting to play with. I can’t seem to get over 25Mbps on it and worse the speed fluctuates depending on what is in use on the same circuit. The router is in my office and the Powerline adapter in my office doesn’t seem to like the fluorescent commercial lighting I have nor my laser printer.

I get 40Mbps on the Airport Express in bridge mode and it seems much more consistent - it doesn’t slow down when using my laser printer. I’ve tested using iperf:

Running the ethernet cable should be easy since I’m just going from one side of the wall to the other. A couple single gang retrofit boxes, two faceplates, two RJ45 jacks and a couple inches of CAT5e :smile: From there I just run a patch cable on one side of wall to Tablo, and patch cable on other side of wall to router.

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