Better conflict resolution and reasons why says "failed"

I have a show that just says “failed” and not sure why. Is there going to be a way you can find out why like TiVo and Zapperbox have? You can just go to a “history” type screen where it shows what was recorded, what was skipped and all that.

Another thing I had happen today is I went to record something and it says “conflict” and will not record, but there is no easy way to figure out what it is conflicted with except to go page by page thru the guide manually looking for it. It should show all the other shows it conflicts with like TiVo and Zapperbox and give you a choice of what to do. If your pushing 2 tuner models this is going to be happening a lot and should be done.


Which version Tablo? With the older ones, you can go to Scheduled/Upcoming, and it will have red marks. If you select the conflicted show, there is a resolve conflict button that shows where the problem is. I have seen this on an HDMI, which has the same UI as Fire TV and Google/Android TV. I assume Roku and Apple are similar.

I can look, but not sure that works on the new ones. With other DVR’s when you select the show from the guide, a window would pop up saying conflict and list the other shows so you can make a choice right then.

Gee it might be nice and helpful to have a filter on both generations work the same. Currently the gen 4 app isn’t better. And maybe someone thinks legacy owners without a gen 4 would be happy with the current gen 4 app.