Beta test today?

Hey Folks - We’re in QA for the new quality setting and will be moving into beta for it on Monday (barring any surprises).

If you would like to get this load and aren’t already a firmware beta tester, please send a note to with your MAC address and the list of devices you have available for testing.

As you’ve seen there is anecdotal evidence that some versions of the Roku 3 can support 60 fps and some can’t. This may mean there is a firmware or hardware difference between those Rokus and we’d like to narrow it down.

So if you do have a Roku that CAN handle 60 fps, please let us know what hardware variant and what firmware you’re running.

If your Roku can’t handle the 60 fps, please let us know these details as well.


Can I expect to see the beta release today?

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This will be a Tablo firmware update, not the Tablo channel on the Roku.

Beware that beta firmware updates can make things worse before diving in.

That’s the plan. Going to write up the release notes as soon as I finish wading through the forum :slight_smile:

How do I confirm that the Tablo output is at 60fps? I have set the Tablo to 1080p and have cycled through the tuners. Having said that, my Tablo 3s and 2s–all two months old–play what I think is 1080p.

I have had problems on 1080p with 2.2.2 (mostly fixed by restarting streams) so I returned to the recommended 720p setting, where performance has been trouble-free.

My Tablo is on ethernet and I have even had problems on 1080p with a Roku 2 (latest version) that is ethernet connected to the same switch.

Will this beta test only add an additional streaming option for 1080/30 fps

That is what they said. The new 1080p recording quality would record 720p 60 fps as 720p 60 fps video. I assume it will go back to pre-2.2.2 and record 720p 60 fps as 1080p 30 fps.

720/60 fps or 720/30fps? It is the 60fps that is the issue. They need to provide a 1080/30 fps option as well as a 720/30fpsoption, not 60 fps

@TabloTV, I believe this product is heading into the right direction and I would like to be a part of it. I want to involve more with this product. Can I sign up for pre-release testing, beta groups etc?

All the 720p recording quality settings record the video as 720p 30 fps (that is both the regular 720p setting and 720p Roku / Chromecast setting).

It is only the 1080p setting that records video as 720p 60 fps if the source is 720p 60 fps. 1080i 30 fps sources get recorded as 1080p 30 fps video at the 1080p setting.

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I just hope this only addresses this issue and does not mess with anything else. I myself am just fine with 1080 at 30 fps. Just want my 1080 option back without loading messages!

I just tested my Roku 2 with the NetFlix test pattern and it would only go to 30fps

Did you receive beta test today?

What is the significance of your test? Please explain


This test is not relevant. Netflix does not deliver 60 fps video. Their 1080p video and 720p video on the Roku is 30 fps.

As well, the bitrate for the 1080p 30 fps on Netflix is only 5.8 Mbit/s. Tablo 1080p 30 fps video is 10 Mbit/s.

See link for various Netflix bitrates.

You can’t compare Apples and Oranges.

Thank you, but the test pattern claims 60 fps.

The original question was: does your Roku support 60 fps?
I then asked how do I confirm that the playback of my Tablo is at 60 fps? I wish you had responded to that question rather than discussing apples and oranges. I DON’T NEED THAT!

lol chill.

The only time the Tablo will record in 720p 60 fps h.264 video is if the source channel is broadcasted in 720p 60 fps MPEG-2 video. Check the broadcast channel information.

Again, the Tablo will only record 720p 60 fps in the 1080p recording quality.

So when I am set to record at 1080p is a 1080i signal recorded at 1080p?

at 60 fps?

1080i source MPEG-2 video is only 30 fps, it is never 60 fps. Thus 1080i 30 fps video is recorded as 1080p 30 fps h.264 video when using the 1080p recording quality.

Quick update guys… We decided to start tomorrow so that we can collect the addresses of a few more folks who want to be on this beta.

Thanks again.

So there appears to be no difference in 2.2.2 and earlier firmware in recording 1080i TV input, maybe? if that is the case then the new firmware should allow you to choose explicitly between trancoding 720p 60 fps to either 60 fps or to 30 fps.

In any case the menu items should have some more words to describe fully each option so the uninitiated may properly work their way through the setup.