Best way to delete 200 of 300 recordings?

I’ve let my tablo record a series in the background, and now I have over 300 episodes spanning many seasons. What’s the fastest way to delete say season d e f g, while leaving h I j? That’s a lot of confirming yes on each show, one by one.

Unfortunately there is no delete by season option.

You could protect the recordings you want to keep and then hit “Delete All”. The protected recordings won’t be deleted.

This is only a marginal improvement, if any. The ones you want to delete have Marked Watched, ones you want to keep Marked Unwatched, then delete watched programs and only have one (1) confirmation. Buy, yea, you’d still have to go through hundreds.

Some of the third-part programs/apps, maybe.

maybe watch them until you are up to date and then ‘delete all’?

I’ve found that, though still tedious, using the web app to select/delete/move to next episode is notably faster than doing so with Roku.

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I use Tablo Ripper to copy programs to my computer, but I can also use it to delete multiple episodes at the same time. To rip episodes, you highlight the ones you want and then click the arrow button to move to the ripping column. If all you want to do is delete episodes, you highlight the episodes to be deleted and then right click on the group and select delete. You can delete 200 episodes in a couple of minutes compared an hour or more on the Tablo deleting individual episodes.


I second this…

I was going to suggest the exact thing @3rdRockOKC suggested. Tablo Ripper supports the standard multi select options in the list of recordings.

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SurLaTablo can do these easy mass deletes (just saying).

That worked GREAT! I went thru and purged all my shows and wiped probably 300 episodes. :smiley:


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For anyone who sees this thread in the future, an alternative is to enable the ‘keep x’ feature on a series.

When you enable it, it’ll ask you if you want to delete all older recordings. Hit OK and voila, you’ve deleted all but X number of the total.

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