Best UPS for Tablo Quad

As power failures are the norm in my area .For all my connected equipment I use APC UPS , which allows some run time and also to safely shutdown any device. Does anyone have recommendations/insight on which UPS for the Tablo Quad?


As an appliance, it’s made to go down.

Just hook it up to your UPS. When the UPS battery dies, the Tablo will go down just as it would in the case where it wasn’t protected.

With that said, protection via a UPS will greatly extend the life of any electrical device, including the Tablo.

I have UPS equipment all over the house, which is great most of the time, but during an extended power outage can drive my family and me crazy with regular beeping noises. :crazy_face:

I have mostly APC Back-UPS equipment. I don’t have them set up to automatically shut anything off, so if the power failure last more than 20 minutes, I usually manually shut everything down. My Tablo and hard drive are connected.