Best travel device for streaming Tablo

Have a 2nd gen Fire TV streaming device that we take with us on long trips - week at the beach, etc. Although it worked well, Dear Wife may let me buy something new. What would be your favorite device for such a use? We have 6 Roku’s and one Fire TV stick in operation at home. Want a device we can just keep in a bag for travel.

We have a travel router so things like captive portal are not an issue. My online research ( says the answer is a newer Fire TV. And most hotels don’t have 4k TVs so a 4k stick is not important.

I know, this is quite a first world problem.

Hi there @HappyUser,

As the Roku app currently doesn’t have the ability to stream Tablo remotely, your best bet would be a Fire TV stick, especially if you like them already.