Best streaming to TV option for iPad, iPhone users?

Hi folks. I am very close to setting up a Tablo system for a family member. She uses only an iPad & iPhone, though … what is the most reliable solution to stream a recording from the Tablo app (on iPhone or iPad) to a TV?

I was extremely disappointed that the Tablo app on iOS cannot ‘cast’ via Chromecast. That would have been a great, affordable solution. :frowning:

Thank you for your input/advice!

You could pick up an Amazon FireTV box for $99 and plug it into the tv.

That would also give them access to other things down the road if they’re interested (Netflix, etc…).

Some people (myself included) are encountering some minor stuttering when using the FireTV but this is supposedly being fixed and supposedly being rolled out shortly.

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Thank you, Darryl. Does an iPad stream wirelessly to the Amazon FireTV box? Or, is the Amazon FireTV box taking the iPad out of the equation?

@TBolt, the FireTv box would take the iPad out of the equation for streaming to a TV (as would the FireTv stick and the Roku). But you can still use your iPad to watch Tablo content in your home and especially on the road.

My wife uses her iPad to watch her recorded shows all the time.

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Okay, thanks guys. I now understand that, at this point, the iPad & iPhone won’t stream to the TV. I hope those iOS apps are updated for Chromecast at some point.

I’ll look into the other devices.

Anyone have experience with Apple TV? Seems like she may want to go that route considering the Apple gear she uses.

The main problem with AppleTv is no native app for the Tablo on it (due to Apple restrictions). You can definitely stream your iPhone and iPad Tablo app to the AppleTv, but that is an added step. I would much rather have a Roku or FireTv that is independent of other devices and has it’s own app.

I also had a bad experience the one time time I did use AppleTv. I used my iPad via Tablo Connect to stream to my friend’s AppleTv. It would disconnect from the TV every few minutes, and I would have to kick it off again. But I think that was more because of Tablo Connect, so it might work fine on your home network.

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[edit] Nevermind … overlooked it earlier:

Ah, I see. So, there is a Tablo app available on all versions of Roku & FireTV?

Thanks again!

Yeah, it’s definitely not Apple “native” and that stinks. Doesn’t make for a very pleasant living room front-end. Tablo, Router, iPad/iPhone, AppleTV, HDTV. That’s a lot of steps to get where you need to be.

Mobile use is alright but the local/remote pair thing does eventually take a bite out of the enjoyment.

I have iPhone, iPad 2 and just run a 25 foot ‘HDMI out’ with Apple product adapter to ‘HDMI in’ to TV. I run the wire along the wall. Just another option to consider.

How much is said adapter btw?


Sorry, I’m confused … which adapter is this? Have a link?

Thank you.

So you can stream from your iPad to the Apple TV using AirPlay. I haven’t tested it out, but that is an option. I think they are only $65 right now on Amazon.

I really like the Nexus Player (About the same on Amazon). It is around that same price point right now as well depending on the day. It has a native Android app, which is pretty great.

Bottom line is you have lots of options.

Use the Lightning Digital AV Adapter with your iPad with Retina display, iPad mini, iPhone 5, and iPod touch (5th generation) with Lightning connector. The Lightning Digital AV Adapter supports mirroring of what is displayed on your device screen — including apps, presentations, websites, slideshows, and more — to your HDMI-equipped TV, display, projector, or other compatible display in up to 1080p HD. $59.99 - 30 pin is $49.99 - Apple Store.

Legit option. But for that price you might as well might a Roku 2 Model 4210 released in April 2015 (same internal hardware as the Roku 3 4200) or the Amazon Fire TV. You get a lot more options of other content and you don’t have to run a long HDMI cable.

Cable or Airplay, it kinda blows to tie-up your phone/tablet as a GUI. Beginning to wonder if a Roku would be simpler/better? Better remind myself how many HDMI inputs on my HDTV…

That’s what I did … a Roku 2 is being delivered to my family member’s house today. She’s a senior; so, I can’t complicate her life with a half-baked setup between her iDevices & her TV.

I appreciate everyone’s input here. I’ll keep looking for future updates by Tablo for Apple users.

I’ve using my iPhone to connect to my Tablo from out of home. It works and I can watch shows on the iPhone…but it doesn’t give me the icon to stream to the Apple TV out of home. I thought that was an option.

You mean AirPlay to someone else’s Apple TV using Tablo Connect?

You can AirPlay the Tablo video to the Apple TV when connected locally and when connected remotely (aka Tablo Connect). Once the video is playing on the iPhone you send it to the Apple TV.

You need to open control panel (swipe up from bottom) and enable Airplay in there before it will become available in a video player. Obviously, you must be on the same wifi as the AppleTV.

I have now got streaming to Chromecast from an iPad working pretty well using 2 iPad apps available in the App Store. First install Chromecast and “Video & TV Cast for Chromecast” browser.

Step 1: Open TV Cast browser and attach it to your Chromecast be tapping the Cast icon in the upper right corner of the browser. Now go to This is the normal web interface to your Tablo. Pick what you want to watch and it will begin playing (be patient, the web interface is a bit slow).

Step 2: At the bottom of the browser you will see a line that says “Tap here to cast: http// . . .”. Tap that spot and in a few seconds you should see your Chromecast attaching to your Tablo.

Step 3: Exit the TV Cast browser. Note: Do not try to pause the video running within the TV Cast browser. My older iPad sometimes locks up when I do that, and at this point there is no reason to use TV Cast browser anymore. In fact, you can power off your iPad and Chromecast will continue to stream to your TV unaffected.

Step 4: Open Chromecast on your iPad and select Devices. It will show that your Chromecast is streaming and allow you to pause and change volume.

Hope this helps those trying to stream to Chromecast with only an iPad as the interface to the Tablo.


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