Best OTA DVR for Cord Cutters

Way to keep providing a quality product Nuvyyo!

Keep it up!

Best for tweakers.
I’m a tweaker.

If you read the reviews they selected the Tivo as the best HDMI connected DVR. There was no mention of the Tablo HDMI DVR. I’m wondering if they even know about it.

From their review

The Bottom Line

The Nuvyyo Tablo Quad offers excellent performance for power users, but there are cheaper, easier-to-use options for budding cord-cutters.

If TiVo worked with streaming devices instead of their “mini” devices (they were $179-$199 for each TV at the time), I might still be using it. I have many TVs throughout the house, and it was too expensive to add a mini (that basically only played live TV, DVR and a couple of apps). And their “lifetime subscription” was $599 at the time as well.

With the deals they have now, if you only have one TV in your home, it isn’t a bad deal, but the deal breaker comes in with each TV you add into the mix.

As OTA DVRs aren’t really 1:1 on feature - Wouldn’t “the best” be whichever best fit you needs (/wants)?

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