Best location for amp?

So I received my new amp today and was wondering performance wise, up near the antenna or down by the receiver? I have at least 50’ (but no more than 100’) of cabling between the antenna and Tablo and can place it anywhere.

Usually it’s better up by the antenna. This way you won’t be amplifying the noise in that long cable length.
Is it a preamp with one output?
I have a preamp up at the antenna and also an inside amp with multiple outputs in the basement to route cables around the house.

It’s the Kitztech KT-500 - I currently have a two piece Radio Shack amp where the pre-amp is near the antenna (the antenna is mounted outside with the pre-amp in the attic right where the cable enters the house) and the power supply is located in a closet right behind the TV and Tablo. So I can remove the old setup and put the new amp in either location. But sounds like the attic would be the best bet. Thank you!

The preamp itself should be as close as possible to the antenna mast. The power inserter can go anywhere.