Best Brand TV for Tablo Quad Users

As a fairly newcomer to Tablo, what TV brand works best for you, especially users of the Quad? I currently watch a Samsung Series 8 but have had a number of issues not the least of which is not being able to forward/rewind live TV or use commercial skip. I really like the LG OLED sets but understand that only some of that brand is compatible with Tablo.

I think it is easier to just get a Roku (or other box) and get whatever TV you want. I have a Samsung in my bedroom that has the Tablo app on it, but I use a Roku stick for all my Tablo viewing.



I think that’s a great idea. Sure would be cheaper than buying a whole new TV. Thanks.

I use TCL 6 series they have a Roku interface build in, but if you just want a streaming device the Roku Ultra 4K is on sale now don’t know how long.

To clarify for others in the future, the best for Quad - as though there were one – would/could also be the best for the DUAL line as well. They have the same tuners and run the same firmware… have the same features and functions, of course other than number of tuners:

The **best** is the one which best suites your needs and/or works best for your situation.

[Updated April 23, 2021]