Basic info on Recording, Watching, Network

Well just trying to get things set up after receiving my Tablo today.

My first recording is to try and record two separate programs occurring at the same.
I am just very unsure how things are going to go since this is my first attempt.
Couple of questions:

1. How can you be sure the programs are being recorded?
2.  Can you watch one of the programs while it is still recording and the other program is recording?
3. How do I know if the Tablo is accessing Wifi or Ethernet connection?

More questions ahead I’m sure… Saving recordings, Roku, Apple TV, etc.
Thanks for the help.
  1. In the live tv view, a program being recorded is marked.

  2. You can watch a program that is being recorded. Watching something that is recording does not tie up an additional tuner.

  3. If Ethernet cable is plugged in, the wifi is disabled.

@simeon - Doug is correct. 

To be specific about watching something while it’s recording, once you’ve selected a show to record you can then go into recordings screen and select the recording and hit play. 
  1. And while it’s recording the text to the left, the station ID, will sort of “flash” or change color slowly indicating activity. 
    Before it records, the show will be marked in the live TV view.
    While it’s recording, the station info on the far left will be changing color.