Basic Genre Merging?

Looking at the Shows and Movies tabs in the 4th Gen Apps, there’s a lot of “junk” data in the genres. I get you guys have no control over other’s having bad data BUT you could do some basic filtering to at least somewhat fix it.

Some examples I’ve found:

  • Documentaries and Documentary
  • Science fiction and Science Fiction (literally only a capitalization difference) and Sci-Fi
  • Student and Students
  • Teen, Teenager, and Teenagers
  • Sports talk and Sports Talk

It’s obvious all of these could easily be combined by the app with a basic tag check. It’s currently insanely messy with how it is currently.


Yup… I posted on this before… I think a lot of people wish they would change it.

I think it’s auto generated.


Pretty sure these genres come from the TV stations themselves as they likely grab the info from other sites (some of it is word for word IMDb).

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Which I already said in my initial post, I know they can’t “fix” the provider’s itself having bad data but it’s totally possible to have some code built in the app that takes said data, does some basic sanity checks, and does stuff with that.

Basically “if tag contains Documentary, change it to Documentaries” that way all Documentaries get put in the same category. It’s very simple regex logic.

Basically they just need to maintain a list of common errors and have the code rewrite the errors to a standard. Obviously wouldn’t catch everything but it’s a super easy fix and would at least cleanup like 25% of the genre lists.

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FYI - Merging related genres is on the to-do list.