Backup to My Tablo

Which Homeworx Model are we talking about. I see several on Amazon ?



I’m using the 180 (the newest model). The 150 has component out in addition to HDMI. The 130 has a separate power supply.

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If I am reading the info on the 180 right I think I could daisy chain 4 units together using the rf passthru and have a 4 tuner “Tablo” for $120 + 4 hard drives. What do you think??

You could but remember one thing: this is a very primitive PVR with a 24 hour guide that has minimal information. At best it is a secondary, supporting device. It may or may not be reliable (there are stories at a variety of forums). I only use it for one function - recording sports events on weekends. If it fails, fine, my family doesn’t depend on it - the Tablo is our primary DVR.

You get what you pay for - $29. I am willing to live with it at that price to do one single thing several times a week (no more). It may even extend the life of my Tablo which won’t have to do the heavy duty 3 hour sports recordings.

TabloFan also uses it for just one function - as a tuner for his projector which he uses sparingly. We don’t depend on it for extensive use.

I wouldn’t buy 4 of these - $29 is enough just to get some usage out of it. Unfortunately my wife saw how quickly it changes channels (and displays guide info) so now she’s thinking of having one added to our bedroom (is the Tablo that slow?) and I’m extremely wary of spending another $29.



For Live TV? Yes

Sounds good. I go with best picture, less storage for this little puppy… Tablo is my storage warehouse.
I’m off to buy a 64 GB thumb drive.
And for sure, happy wife = happy life.:smiley:

Now you ain’t gonna get mad at me if it behaves like a $29 device :sweat:

If it does, you might start thinking of me as an Uncle Leo. Remember the other Jerry who always got suspicious stuff from Uncle Leo?

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This is getting ridiculous! Amazon now has a clone going for $24. What is the real cost? A friend of mine who works in the import business told me yesterday that these boxes are being bought wholesale by retailers for as low as $12.

Why are they this cheap? The internal Chinese market is HUGE. There are 3,000 television stations in China. Two thirds of the population gets TV one way or another - that is over half a billion homes! They can churn these boxes out by the millions, sell them internally and also dump them on the international market.

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Got my daughter’s box. BTW found out some things in testing it. If one is going to be recording action events (sports) use a USB 2.0 drive, not a key. Discovered that in testing. The key is OK for normal programming but exhibits quirkiness on sports events. The 3.5" drive does better for sports. Searched this out at other forums and found people had the same experience.

And now you know why Tim Cook has more $$$ than he knows what to do with!:slight_smile:

Isn’t Donald Trump supposed to fix that? Better get those boxes now before he ascends to the White House!!!

In the best autocorrect tradition, did you mean to say, “before he descends to the White House?”

It works ok with a key for fast moving events if it is USB 3.0

Uncle Leo didn’t warn us about the wretched remote. You can go blind looking at those teeny letters. I spent two hours transferring its functions to a larger programmable remote.

Hey quit the kvetching already. I told you it’s a secondary PVR, not a primary one. For 29 bucks I just want it to record a few times each weekend. Not expecting a whole lot from it!

kvetching? My kind of people. So it’s a shmata already…

Oh brother, this topic has gone downhill fast.

Well, he’ll be down by $14.5 billion. The European Commission told Ireland to cough up those back taxes from Apple.

Thanks, you brought back up the degree of seriousness in this thread. :thinking: