Backup Power Supply

I own a Belkin BU3DC000-12V I would like to use as a power supply for my older model Tablo Four tuner. It does have an open circuit voltage of 13.7 volts that might not drop much under load. Question: would 13.7 volts be within the safe power input range for this Tablo?

I would go with the approved $12.00 power supply.

Raising voltage can create a myriad of problems.

I don’t know enough about the Tablo to say if it could handle it. But, I wouldn’t try it.

Thanks for the comments, but I am hoping to hear directly from Tablo what the upper limit for power supply voltage might be.

If it’s not a “trade secret”… directly from tablo to say “yea use an unsupported power supply” so if/when something goes bad, you can say “Tablo told me to” Sure, let’s wait that out. :neutral_face:

While we’re waiting, officially from tablo tech support articles - :wink:
Replacement Power Supplies

Never thought I’d be flamed for asking a simple question. Sad.

If Tablo says the upper limit is 12.5 volts I won’t try it. If they say the upper limit is 14 volts I will try it and take full responsibility for my actions if it smokes the unit. I can afford to buy a replacement anyway.

The unit is working now with the standard supply so I do not have to use the standby power supply. I was just asking if I could or might be able to.

Didn’t mean for it to be take that far. Just seemed unlikely “tablo” would say to use an un-supported power supply and open themselves to liability, I just have different logic and reasoning.

Taking into account they have a Knowledgebase Tech Support article… here’s how to get a replacement power supply – buy, here’s the numbers so you can use your own.

When something goes wrong… well, is your fault for using the power supply or theirs for suggesting it will be alright? Really, don’t see this? Ok, sorry for the mis-understanding :frowning:

Hey, if you have the bucks, go for it. I would like to know the answer also. Keep us posted. Cheers