Back button reverts to top of guide, losing channel position

Tablo Gen 4, 4 tuner, Roku 4K stick.

Last 5 days I’ve had an odd issue.

After selecting “Live” tab, navigating down to…let’s say channel 45.5 (or any other channel) …selecting a program, watching for any length of time, then hitting the Back button on the Roku remote, Tablo takes me all the way back to the top of the guide instead of landing at 45.5 .

Anybody else having same problem?

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You didn’t say if your roku had been updated to roku OS 13 within the last 5+ days

I noticed the same thing.

Tablo 4th gen 2 tuner, Roku Ultra (Roku OS 13.0.0 I think more than 5 days ago but I can’t remember for sure),

My first Roku updated to 13 over a month ago. The last updated just over a week ago. This issue showed up a couple of days ago. My last Roku updated 10 days ago. I wonder if we got one of those unannounced/invisible updates.

I checked the unit that updated to 13 over a month ago and Roku did sneak in another update build on 6/4.

I just installed my gen 4 4 tuner tablo moving from an older model.

I get the same annoying behavior, guide always returns to the top.

I was at the end of the roku 13 update food chain. Mine arrived around 7 days ago.

The tablo legacy app immediately started to exhibit the ability to exit back to the roku main menu. It seems to more often occur when using the back button to return out of the video player. I always start playback in the episode detail record and when I’m completely finished with viewing the episode I use the back button. it might flash the detail record and then exit. And since I have multiple tablo’s I have to restart the app just to delete the episode i was viewing.

Who knows what might happen with the gen 4 app.

So has anyone have an answer for this issue.?
My 4th gen has been doing this for quite some time.
Running the os 13.0.0

Correction to my above post
Roku is running 13.0.0

Consider yourself lucky. The legacy Roku app exits to the roku main menu.

I don’t use the gen 4 enough to notice.

Tablo software is current version 2.2.50