Bachelorette 10/13?

Hey all. My wife is wanting to set the recording for The Bachelorette that premiers on 10/13. I cannot find it under premiering or even just under TV shows. We’re now within the two week window for my guide, so is there something I’m missing? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!

The folks over at Entertainment Tonight did mention that this premiere date and time could change due to ABC’s possible coverage of the NBA finals.

If you have a device that will show the 14 day live TV grid, you can see that ABC has NBA finals coverage scheduled for that date. So, your wife will apparently have to wait a bit longer.

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I noticed the same thing. It’s simply not in the official guide information yet because it’s not a definite.

LA is up 3-1 so it should be settled on Friday or Saturday and updated Monday. (Sorry Heat fans.)